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Interviews with three global workers who have been with Hyundai E&C for over 25 years

17 Dec 2020 0min 15sec

We call those who have been devoted to working in the same field for over a decade experts. In this edition, Hyundai E&C Today met three foreign workers who have worked for Hyundai E&C for a long period of time. They boasted of strong pride and loyalty regarding our company as well as excellent capability.

Interviews with three global workers who have been with Hyundai E&C for over 25 years

< Questions >
Q1  Could you introduce yourself? And what is your job at Hyundai E&C?
Q2  What do you think of the potential of Hyundai E&C? What drove you to work for Hyundai E&C for long years?
Q3  What are your strengths as a member of Hyundai E&C?
Q4  What efforts do you make to improve your work capability?

[Offshore surveying] LENI G. LACSINA (29 years, Tuas Finger One reclamation site in Singapore)

Interviews with three global workers who have been with Hyundai E&C for over 25 years

A1  As a survey manager, I am responsible for controlling the proposed reclamation at Tuas Finger One (sipo1) site and reclamation and marine works at Tuas western coast (SITU) site in the west of Singapore. I arrange daily schedules of surveyors, monitor survey progresses, calculate monthly volume claims and attend meetings organized by both our departments and clients.

A2  Hyundai E&C is one of  the top global builders in the world. Based on Hyundai E&C’s expertise, a number of construction projects were successfully conducted ranging from harbors, terminals, bridges, highways, and dams to nuclear power plants, petrochemical facilities and high-rise buildings. Hyundai E&C has huge strengths in the construction industry since it has a global presence in many countries like the U.S., UK, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries. When I joined Hyundai E&C, I had only limited experience in the field, but my Korean colleagues trained me until I could independently work with confidence. They gave me opportunities to learn and prove that I could handle my job. That’s my reason why I continued to work for our company.

A3  I always strive to plan carefully and manage the site surveyors to help them conduct their surveying works. I always attempt to advice the project team with regard to what equipment we can use to save costs and avoid loss of time. I believe time is money. If we delay, we must consider the resulting losses. I always consider our resources which we could save without delays. In the reclamation projects, the quantity of materials is very important, and to avoid their losses, I always update the construction teams by showing the updated monitoring surveys. In addition, I always communicate with the clients about survey quantity progress claims on time, and explain the purposes of the claims in advance, so that the clients already have relevant knowledge, leading to avoiding unnecessary delays.

A4  For me, every day is challenging. I do my best to attend seminars and study sessions to improve my expertise in engineering and in survey methods using new technologies. It is better if you have multiple skills. You can have an option if there are any changes in your position. I started taking the Part time Diploma concerning geospatial information & technology at BCA Academy in Singapore.

[Finance & Accounting] KARUNANANDHAM MANI (26 years, Al Khobar Branch Office in Saudi Arabia)

Interviews with three global workers who have been with Hyundai E&C for over 25 years

A1  I am working for Saudi Arabia’s Al Khobar Branch Office. I am responsible for finance, accounting and taxation. I arrange necessary banking-related facilities for new projects.

A2  The brand name and the timely completion of projects with impeccable quality! Above all, Hyundai E&C has a wide range of dedicated and efficient workforce. Hyundai E&C’s employees are very professional and friendly at the same time. I learned a lot after joining our company. It shaped me as a professional over the years. Moreover, the work attitude of  the staff as well as the management impressed me a lot.

A3  I know what I am doing and always do what is in the best interest of our company. For example, my team concluded a financing deal with a local bank to execute a new project. The commission is the lowest in the market. Also, I am making deals regularly with the banks to apply a preferential rate for payments in currencies other than Saudi Riyal.

A4  In order to satisfy dynamic business needs, I am constantly updating my knowledge. I use the technology to catch up with what is currently happening in the finance industry around the world. In addition, the Saudi tax department is active in issuing new directives as part of its plan to achieve the Saudi government’s “Vision 2030 program.” I work with our tax consultants to better understand the new rules and to protect our company from any tax exposure.

[Substation engineering] CAESAR LAO LOPEZ (25 years, 230kV-substation renovation site in Myanmar)

Interviews with three global workers who have been with Hyundai E&C for over 25 years

A1  For the last 20 years, I worked with several EHV & HV(Extra High Voltage & High Voltage) substation projects in Abu Dhabi and UAE as an electrical engineer. I was assigned to review Manufacturer’s drawings, coordinate with all stakeholders and provide technical assistance to site engineers. I am primarily involved in technical planning and design works. I have worked with 230kV-substation renovation project (MYS1) site for eight months and I was responsible for reviewing technical designs, devising engineering solutions and executing plans to minimize delays to the work progress in order to meet client’s requirements.

A2  The strengths of Hyundai E&C lie in the collective efforts of its management and all the employees to reach a higher level of excellence. What really drove me to work continuously with Hyundai E&C is the chance to become a well-rounded substation engineer. With Hyundai E&C, one never stops learning. As long as you are willing to work the extra miles, you are given the opportunities to develop your potential and gain experience of working with experts in different engineering fields.

A3  I have accumulated extensive work experience in substation engineering. Throughout my work career with Hyundai E&C, I contributed my fair share of creative solutions that led to savings in terms of costs and schedule. However, I cannot call these successes my own since the outcome could only be attained due to the concerted efforts of my team members to achieve our target objectives.

A4 1) Avoiding multitasking: Just work on one activity at a time to focus on the task at hand. 2) Proper delegation: Be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each team members to delegate a task according to their abilities. 3) Updating my work-related knowledge by reading a lot of new technical bulletins and system manuals. 4) Drawing up my to-do list every week, and creating feedback links. 5) Being helpful to your colleagues. 6) Mastering the technique of  breaking down complex problems into challenging yet achievable tasks.

TIPS! “How to get along with Korean staff,”

say foreign employees with a long period of experience at Hyundai E&C

What is necessary to settle down with Korean companies, Koreans and especially Hyundai E&C? Our global workers, best-adjusted to Hyundai E&C, introduce useful tips to get along with Korean colleagues.

K-MANI says, “Being sincere is important. Always be ready to changes.”
Be sincere to your work and to your company. If you make a mistake, do not hesitate to accept and find how to rectify it. Korean colleagues always appreciate true professionalism.

LENI G. LACSINA says, “I respect Korean colleagues. Never lie!”
Looking back on my experience with Korean colleagues, they are very supportive on my work and they try to fully support for even my fellow staff. Koreans consider respectful attitude important: When you meet them, just exchange nods as a greeting. As for body posture, if they give something to you, receive it with your two hands and always reply them thank you. If you make a mistake, just apologize it and be true to yourself. Don’t lie! We can’t solve the problem if you lie.

CAESAR LAO LOPEZ says, “Regularly attend informal get-togethers and be more professional.”
To foster close camaraderie with Korean colleagues, you had better attend informal get-together meetings regularly. Be more professional, based on the better understanding of the traditional Korean value of hard work deeply rooted in Hyundai people and of caring for all the employees as members of one big family named Hyundai. Personally, I am Hyundai in my heart and in my mind. People call me by the nickname of Mr. Hyundai, and I am proud of it. I look forward to having a chance to leave my legacy in this company.

Mini Interview (Interview with person in charge of Global HR)

“We are all one team under the name of Hyundai E&C”

We can hardly imagine Hyundai E&C without our global employees. How many foreign workers do currently work for Hyundai E&C? Here are Q&A’s with Human Resources Operation Team.

Q. How many foreign employees do currently work for Hyundai E&C?
About 1,800 Foreign Staff are working in the headquarters, overseas sites and branch offices.
Q. What areas do they work primarily in?
When we receive a project in a foreign country, global employees work with us - whatever country it is. Their jobs are not limited to specific areas or types of construction. Our foreign employees are also making their all-out efforts to successfully complete projects in all areas such as construction, safety, quality, management and administration.
Q. What support does Hyundai E&C provide to help them develop their capability and increase a sense of belonging?
Hyundai E&C offers online contents specially designed to train our foreign workers with regard to project contract, quality, safety, scheduling and risks in order to enhance their capability. Starting in August, mobile-based contents will be provided. In addition, we select excellent foreign employees as Global Talents and apply a similar personnel management system to the one for their Korean counterparts. With an aim to foster the Global Talents in the long term, we operate a work rotation system between the headquarters and overseas construction sites.